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What is the best time to update your video card drivers? Let me show you an example. After you log in to Netflix, you select a movie that you would like to watch. Then you click the Play Now button and your screen turns black. Instead of watching a movie right away, you now have a black screen. This is what happens when corrupt or out-of-date video drivers are used. What are you going do now? What are you going do to watch your movie? Before you can stream Netflix again, you need to fix your video driver issues. We will walk you through the basics about media card drivers, their purpose, and how you can update them.

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What is a Video Card Driver?

Video card drivers are software pieces that translate between your media card and Windows. Without drivers, there is no video. If you can see anything on your computer you need to have working drivers. Video rendering errors can occur if your video card drivers become corrupted or out-of-date. This could cause blank screens with Netflix subtitles downloader, lines in your video or problems in applications. You will often see a black screen, as with Netflix. Windows might not be affected as Windows uses very little resources and therefore the card does not have to access its RAM.

You will need to go to the manufacturer’s site and download the most recent drivers for your video card. You can find the Support and Downloads areas of the website. There will be options for which driver version you wish to download. You should choose the one that is compatible with your Windows version. Finally, you can save it to a location you will remember. You can automatically update your video card drivers with driver update software. Driver update software is a new product that scans your computer to find outdated drivers and scans the Internet for the most recent drivers. The software then automatically installs the drivers.

You do not have to go to the manufacturer’s websites to find drivers. Instead, you can use Device Manager to update drivers as needed. It is completely automatic and easy to use. Programmers saw the need to make it easy for people with less technical skills to fix driver problems that arise in computer users’ lives. They created driver update software to help them.